Correct use of preposition in english grammar हिंदी से

निम्न का सही प्रयोग

On                       Down

In                         UP

Above                 To

Over                    at

Under                 By

Below                 within

Front                  Out

Behind               off / From

Beside                Upon

Away                   Onto

Toward               Between

Near                    Among

Far                       Across

Into                     Through

During                with


परिभाषा व स्थान

Prepositions  वह शब्द जो Noun और Pronoun के पहले आकर इनका सम्बन्ध वाक्य के दूसरे शब्दों से बताता है

  • She is in the room
  • They live in Mumbai


On , Upon , Onto  ( पर )

  • The cat sits on the table
  • The cat jumped upon the table
  • The cat jumped onto the table

in , into – में

  • The coins are in the jar
  • The spider jumped into the jar

Down नीचे , Up ऊपर

  •        The cat is going down from ladder
  •        The cat is going up from ladder

Above ऊपर, Below नीचे , Under के नीचे

  •         The football is above the table
  •         The football is below the table
  •         The football is under the table

Over ऊपर , Away दूर , Toward की ओर

  • The football is coming toward the table
  • The football is passing over the table
  • The football is going away from the table

Across से पार , Through के माध्यम से

  • The cat is passing across from the bridge
  • The train is passing through the tunnel

Between के बीच  , Through के माध्यम से

  • The football is between the tables
  • The football is among with the tables

Behind पीछे ,Beside बगल में,in front of सामने, Near पास

  • The football is Behind the table
  • The football is in front of the table
  • The football is Beside the table
  • The football is Near the table


इन्हे याद रखे

  • At =   छोटी जगह, Noon, Night और समय के पहले
  • In =  बड़ी जगह, छोटे वाहन, महीनों, वर्षों, Morning, Evening, Time word के पहले
  •  On =  बड़े वाहन, date, week, days, festivals के पहले
  • With =  किये जा रहे कार्य के साधन
  • Within =  दिए गए समय के अंदर कार्य करना


अपने प्रश्नों के लिए कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे

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